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At Villa Tres Amarras, we provide the perfect backdrop for your next cinematic masterpiece, combining:

  • Stunning locations

  • Luxury amenities

  • and unparalleled hospitality

                       ... to elevate your filming experience to new heights.


Are you ready to set
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Villa Tres Amarras ?

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Villa Tres Amarras stands out as an exceptional destination for filmmakers, photographers, and music producers seeking a versatile and convenient location for their projects in the Dominican Republic.

Here's how our UNIQUE FEATURES can elevate your project:

Knowledgeable Staff:

Our dedicated and experienced team plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless operations throughout filming.

From meticulous location scouting to arranging accommodations, our staff members understand the unique needs of production crews, providing invaluable support at every stage.

Diverse Array of Stunning Spots:

Nestled within our property are two sandy beaches and a variety of visually captivating locations. This diversity provides filmmakers with the flexibility to capture a range of scenes without extensive travel, ultimately saving time and resources during production.

Cost and Time Efficiency:

With all essential amenities conveniently located within our community, including shooting locations, accommodations, and support services, Villa Tres Amarras offers a cost-effective and time-efficient solution for filmmakers.

By minimizing logistical challenges, we enable creators to maximize their productivity and creativity.

Secure Community:

Nestled within the gated community of Orchid Bay, Villa Tres Amarras offers a secure environment that fosters creativity.

Filmmakers can focus on their craft without concerns about external disturbances or safety issues, making it an ideal setting for high-profile projects or those with valuable equipment.

Privileged Location:

Privileged Location: Situated in proximity to three major airports and has a private helipad.

Villa Tres Amarras ensures easy accessibility for domestic and international crew and talent.

This strategic location streamlines logistics, facilitating smoother production processes.

Exclusive Sports Center:

Elevate your downtime with access to our private and exclusive sports center.

Featuring a tennis court, Pickleball court, wall practice court, Bocce court, and Shuffle court, as well as a stunning gazebo-bar complete with lounges and VIP areas, our sports center offers a range of recreational activities and relaxation opportunities for you and your crew.

Ready to bring your production to life at Villa Tres Amarras?


Villa Tres Amarras offers unparalleled accessibility, conveniently reachable via five different international airports, ensuring smooth and hassle-free travel for our guests.

Nestled on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic within the prestigious Orchid Bay urbanization, this exclusive villa promises a tranquil retreat amidst breathtaking surroundings

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Samana - 0:45    •     Puerto Plata - 1:30    •     Santo Domingo - 2:20     •    Santiago - 3:00     •     Punta Cana - 4:00

Here are a few reasons why choosing the Dominican Republic for your filming project is a financial smart decision:

Tax Exemptions:

The Dominican Republic offers attractive tax incentives for filmmakers.


This includes a 25% transferable tax credit on qualifying spend, covering various production costs such as pre- to post-production, equipment, services, and labor.

Additionally, projects with a minimum spend of $500,000 are eligible for VAT exemption on directly-related goods, services, and rentals for approved film suppliers.


There's also a custom tax exemption on the temporary import of goods and equipment necessary for filming, making it cost-effective for productions. 

Ley de Cine:

The Dominican Republic has a comprehensive legal framework supporting both local and foreign film productions.


The Law No. 108-10, known as "Ley de Cine," is dedicated to promoting the development of the film industry and establishing policies for cinematographic and audiovisual activities.


This law demonstrates the country's commitment to modernizing and internationalizing its national film industry, providing stability and support for filmmakers.

These factors combined make the Dominican Republic an attractive destination for filmmakers looking for favorable financial incentives and a supportive legal environment to bring their projects to life.

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