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10 Reasons to have a Caribbean Destination Wedding.

Advantages to Rent an BeachFront Private Villa in the Dominican Republic !

Your wedding is an occasion that you probably planned your entire life, and you just want it to be perfect. And what is more perfect than a Caribbean Destination Wedding at a beachfront private villa? Here are 10 reasons why you should have your wedding at a Caribbean Private Villa.

1) Breathtaking Location

The Caribbean beachfront offers an exquisite location, which will be a natural décor to your wedding venue. Getting married on the beach can be exciting, the stunning setting of the warm sand and blue waters can definitely add to your photographs.

2) Privacy and Seclusion

The private beachfront villa can offer you complete privacy and you can get married in an intimate ceremony including the family and friends that you love and who are important, without having to invite people you seldom know. So, cut away the extras ladies and gents!

3) Unique Set-Up

The idea of a Caribbean beachfront wedding is unique, and not many people would have done it. Your wedding

will be remembered by you and your guests for years to come. The memories you create will be cherished for life.

4) Once in a Lifetime Experience

Destination weddings at private beachfront villas are an experience in themselves. You not only get to travel to a new location but also experience the local culture and fun activities. For some, this may be the first time they leave their home country, hence it can be truly exciting.

5) Relaxing Time

A laid-back beach wedding can release the pre-wedding tension and jitters that all brides and grooms experience, in fact, they can actually enjoy their day with loved ones, instead of worrying about everything that can go wrong. So kick off your shoes and ready to dive in!

6) Save Money

By having a Caribbean beach wedding, you can save on the costs of your honeymoon, by merging the wedding and honeymoon. You don’t have to worry about another destination for the honeymoon as you are already at a romantic location. You also get to save on expensive shoes and clothes.

7) A week-long wedding

Wedding celebrations lasting an entire week rather a day just a single day? What can sound more exciting and fun than this? You’ve read that right, a destination beach wedding means you can continue celebrating for the entire week.

8) Ignore cumbersome


Beach weddings are unconventional, which means you can let go of cumbersome traditions and make your own. You can enjoy your day the way you want to and create your own memories.

9) Casual Dress Code

You don't have to worry about fancy ball gowns and suits. In fact, you can plan a romantic beach boho wedding with beautiful summery beach dresses and go barefoot.

10) Exclusive Bragging Rights :)

You get unlimited bragging rights of having the most awesome wedding!

Are you planning a wedding? You have all the reasons for hosting a Caribbean destination wedding at a Beach Front Private Villa. Then, without further ado, find out more at

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