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Patricia Alonzo Diaz

Dominican Artist

from Rio San Juan.

Her Heart is Passion,

Her Soul is Art




Since her childhood she has felt an immense passion for art, she draws, designs and realizes small sculptures with the materials she can find at home.

Self-taught, she developed knowledge of the art and participated in various competitions such as the competition for posters, masks, costumes and comparsas for the carnival of her hometown, standing out by obtaining prizes and honors.


In 2012, she began her studies of hyperrealism in Río San Juan at Ani Art Academies Dominicana.


Without wasting time, she dedicates herself to her passion.

Everything she does, drawings, paintings, sculptures, murals and design are a reflection of her delicacy, attention to detail and her dedication to her Art.


Discover the extent of her Artworks on her instagram account.


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She has participated in highly prestigious exhibitions such as Rehs Contemporary Gallery, Capturing Realism, Ani Art Academies América and Lovetts Gallery, National Theater and the Palace of Fine Arts.


She has also stood out in international competitions such as the Ani Art Academies Annual Drawing Contest and ARC Annual Competition.

You will find several pieces of her Artworks

at Villa Tres Amarras.

Art in the Dominican Republic is very present and is an integral part of Dominican culture

At Villa Tres Amarras you will find spectacular works of local artists.
Whether it is 3D murals, sculptures or paintings, the Dominican talent is undeniable and Villa Tres Amarras is happy to be a showcase for you to discover their work of art.

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