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Meal Plan

Exquisite dining plays a key role in every guest's experience. Whether it's a formal indoor setting, a casual outdoor meal, a themed dinner, or a blend of styles, the culinary journey is exceptional.


Enjoy leisurely lunches at the gazebo and intimate dinners on the beach, where both the cuisine and the surroundings will leave you enchanted.


At Villa Tres Amarras, feel at home and help yourself to anything you desire at any time. Don't forget to savor the renowned Dominican BBQ during the white night party on the beach

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Savor the exquisite cocktails and mocktails at Villa Tres Amarras.


Expertly crafted by our mixologists, enjoy a refreshing Mojito by the pool or a Passion Fruit Martini at sunset.


Elevate your stay with these flavors, adding a touch of luxury to every moment.


Cheers to unforgettable memories and flavors

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